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Rambler's Top100

Why such a name of the program?
Couldnot find any better, and hey, i like it. By the way, it is pronounced Dahn-tsig (from German).

Failed to connect using NetBIOS. Why so?
Yes, there are problems. Funny that different things happen on different computers (and OSes) - from heavy crash to failing to connect. In the same time, in some cases it does connect via NetBIOS. I did it between two computers with WinNT. That is why i did not block this protocol (maybe you are lucky). TCP/IP works better, use it if you can. By the way, if you have any ideas about this problem - i would be glad to hear from you.

Program "Marriage" thinks longer, but plays better.
I can do nothing about it, it is up to you what prog to play with. But Marriage thinks too long, sometimes it drives me crazy. They exist more than 5 years and had enough time to improve the situation. On the other hand, Danzig is new and i'll see in 5 years who plays better.

Does Danzig cheet? What about looking into my cards?
No, at least it was designed not to. Email me if you run into suspicious situation.

We cannot connect to each other. Why?
There are many possible reasons: wrong IP addresses, different protocols. See and analize file net.log. Here's an instruction if you still need help. Email me if you still fail, but don't forget to send also files pref.ini and net.log from the client and the server.

Why such a card order? I expect aces to be on the left.
This is adjustable in version 1.1 and later. Just put ReverseOrder=1 string into [options] entry of the file pref.ini.

How do i reset my rating?
Simple. Erase file rez.da in the c:\Program Files\DanzigPrefEngine directory. It will be recreated with blank values.

How's the computer show his weak suits when discarding at a 'renonce' (i.e. blank in the suit of the lead) and not playing open game?
First discard shows his strong suit, second - the weak one. If the second discard is of the same suit, then it's a weak suit. This system is not to be taken very seriously because it's silly to discard obvious tricks just for showing suits.

How do i turn game logging on?
Just add entry GameLog=1 to [options] of the file pref.ini (>=1.4)

I dont like separated suits in the hand. Is there a way to restore previous state?
Just add entry GapsBetweenCards=0 to [options] of the file pref.ini (>=1.4)

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