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If you have found an error then coming here and looking up this list is the first thing to do. If your error is not mentioned here then email me. General recommendation: in case of critical errors (such as system crashes) decsribe thoroghly your actions and also notify me about your OS. Describe cards layout when you think that you found errors in AI.

Version 1.0.

Sometimes the program says nothing when a player passed at bidding, i.e. instead of "Name: Pass" just "Name" is drawn.
Corrected in ver. 1.1

Sometimes it hanges when some player declares 6 spades and Stalingrad option is set.
(it is sad but true. I just cannot catch it and understand what is wrong because it hanges not in every such situation. Let me know if you noticed some logic of this error).
Corrected in ver. 1.1

When misere is outranked with a 9 spades contract, the minimal contract possible to declare is 9 clubs and not 9 spades.
Corrected in ver. 1.1

Sort cards in the hand as follows: aces on the left, sevens on the right.
(who thinks it is better than the given order?)see FAQ

Version 1.1.

Buttons are not redrawn after minimisizing or switching to another program.
Corrected in ver. 1.2

At a game of four players and playing a misere dealer can still press Give Up button, which is not correct.
Corrected in ver. 1.2

Version 1.2.

At a game of four players we need a feature of throwing down the widow.
Under correction - see ver. 1.24b

It is desirable to let users choose other pictures for card backs.
Under correction - see ver. 1.24b

Would be great to add IPX protocol support.
Oh, yeah, you can say that again

Version 1.3.

In a game of four players AI plays wrong suit during all-pass game (if 1st player has no cards of the suit from the widow and 2nd and 3rd players do have, they follow the suit the 1st player played).
Under correction - see ver. 1.4

The game crashes or draws wrong score in a game of four players.
Under correction - see ver. 1.4

Copyright (C) 1999-2004, Rugila